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“Sweet is the dawn that shines upon lovers”

William Shakespeare


The poetry of the early light, the warmth of the first hours of a summer day, the fresh morning air, the emotion of shared goal. In a word: RDS Breakfast Run.

A fun run for runners of every level which takes place in 6 Italian cities, always with the same enthusiasm


In the last two years the passion for running has spread and has reached its highest levels, with a considerable increase in new lovers of the sport. The real proof comes from the world of fashion, where the popularity for running is evidenced by an ever-increasing range of running shoes in the shop windows.

RCS Active Team, a well-known sporting club in Milan with an ever increasing membership, which promotes successful large-scale sporting events, has decided to ride the wave, creating an original and entertaining format, a new way to run: the  RDS Breakfast Run.

More than just a simple run, the RDS Breakfast Run brings together the love for non-competitive running and attention to psycho-physical  well being and team work, with a spirit of fun and enthusiasm. The event takes place in six locations on the calendar: Reggio Emilia, Milan, Trento, Turin, Verona, Padua.

Different cities but the same blue t-shirt handed out at the start, the same distance (5km), the same time (5:45), the same enthusiasm.


Wake up at dawn, recharge your batteries on the run, and enjoy an energetic healthy breakfast after the race: Breakfast Run is a moment for sharing, discovery and pure positivity


The starting time is unusual, 5:45am, when the city centres of these cities are almost deserted and you can soak up the fresh air and be surrounded by the soft light of the dawn. The 5km route, the same across all locations and open to everybody, is a great opportunity to share a special and refreshing experience and see the passing of night into day.

Although the initiative might seem to be made to measure for early birds, RCS Active Team has the support of science behind it to convince even the laziest to participate in the event. Many studies demonstrate that doing physical activity upon waking plays an important role in the stimulations of the brain, along with a release of endorphins, the most famous (and pleasurable) effect of which its ability to positively influence mood.

Not only physical activity but also lots of smiles and good music. The entire route of the Breakfast Run boasts special entertainment by RDS, Italian Radio, main sponsor of the event. During the various races RDS will maintain the enthusiasm of the runners with live guests and a carefully chosen play list to keep the energy high.


At the end of the run, as hinted at by the name of the event, all the runners will be able to enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast, to underline the central role of the most important meal of the day and enjoy the satisfaction of a shared achievement.


Dawn over the Arena: 8 July RDS Breakfast Run starts off from the atmospheric Verona


The city of Verona will be one of the next special destinations for the RDS Breakfast Run tour, an enchanting opportunity to go through the city’s timeless monuments and unwind through the tranquill hills.

The date is scheduled for Friday 8 July, in Piazza Bra, starting in the heart of the city’s historic centre, next to the atmospheric Verona Arena.


The sane blue t-shirt, the same distance, the same time, the same enthusiasm.

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