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Ten rules to follow to enhance your camping experience.


To a lot of people, nice weather means camping. Whether it is for a weekend only or for a longest extent of time, camping lovers look forward to dust their tents off and to spend some time immersing themselves into the wilderness.

However, camping is also likely to be dangerous. So, let’s see the ten golden rules campers should follow to ensure their camping experience runs smoothly.


  • Choose your tent wisely

Your tent will be your home while camping, so you want to be careful when you pick it. There are several aspect to bear in mind: the size, the place you are going to go camping and the temperature you will find there. We recommend buying it in a store rather than online, so you can test its quality first-hand

  • Everything must be in order

Bear this in mind when you leave for camping: if something breaks or it’s not working you cant rush to the closest store to buy a new one. So you want to be sure to carefully check in advance every item you will bring with you, so you don’t get caught unprepared.

  • Set a schedule and stick to it

To follow a schedule will prove to be great help. Getting on time to the camping site you will have the chance to get to know the place you will stay, so we recommend to get there in the morning or during sunlight hours, so you are well oriented.

  • No shoes in the tent

If you don’t take your shoes off before getting into the tent, the area where you sleep is likely turn into a mud, sand and rubble dump. It would be better to step into it barefoot.

  •  Cook conveniently

When it comes to camping, even cooking must be handled in such a way it’s functioning and practical. We recommend to buy your food on site and to avoid bringing heavy appliances with you; as they are likely to get damaged, we suggest you use aluminium as it is lightweight and cheap.

  • Follow a balanced diet

To keep a balanced diet is important, even when on holidays. Outdoor activities are likely to wha the appetite, but we should try not to indulge too much in food we won’t eat if we were home. And be careful with BBQs.

  • Light fires outside the tent only

Even if it seems obvious, every kind of fire should be lit outside the tent to avoid very serious accidents. Instead, choose your clothes wisely and invest into insulating garments, which will keep you warm without making you sweat: you can find any kind of insulating clothes, form underwear to jackets.

  • Use solar energy

Solar energy can get to become your best friend while camping. You can use a solar energy lamp to light your tent – there’s even a shower alimented with this kind of energy nowadays. Just take a look online to find some more useful gadgets.

  • Use technology as a support in outdoor activities

Even if camping is supposed to be an activity to get closer to the wilderness, it doesn’t mean you should be busy with some kind of outdoor activity 24 hours a day. You can bring something with you which will help you relaxing, such as an ebook reader to avoid the weight of paper books, or a mp3 player.

  • This is a holiday, so relax

Unless your reason for camping is to push yourself to the test, this is a holiday – so enjoy yourselves. Bring everything that could make your camping experience more comfortable with you.


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