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Ice skating: the world’s largest rink in Moscow


The Russian capital combines tradition with innovation, offering its visitors a jewel for all ice skating lovers.

Moscow is among the most desirable European capitals for the holidays. Especially in winter, the snow-covered city makes the landscape an even more magical experience.

In recent years the Russian capital is not just highlighted by its history and its unique architectural structures (how can you not think of the onion domes of Orthodox churches), but also for its new cultural experiences and social life.

When you think of Moscow, the first things that come to mind are the Kremlin and Red Square. But right in the heart of the city there is a magical place suitable for the whole family: Gorky Park.

This park is synonymous with pure fun. Every day, there is a fair or some other related event as well as a playground for children and a Ferris wheel.

But Gorky Park’s real attraction is its ice rink, the largest in the world (as certified by the World Record Academy). It is 20,549 square meters big and can accommodate about 4,500 people at once.

The experience of skating on this rink is truly unique. In addition to skate rentals, there are also heated changing rooms and secure storage for personal belongings.

The heated changing rooms are the trump card here, given the low temperatures to which Russians are daily subjected to.

Living below zero is not an easy experience, especially for those who aren’t used to it. And we aren’t talking about -2 degrees centigrade. In some seasons temperatures have even fallen to -28 degrees.


In Moscow the hard winter lasts for a good 4 months and half of these are composed of days where the snowfalls are the masters. In one day more than 40 cm can fall.


To protect oneself from the cold Russians give us some suggestions:

– To warm your hands do not wear traditional gloves. Use mittens instead. These types of gloves have two openings, one for the thumb and one for the other four fingers. They stay in contact so they tend to stay warm more easily;

– To warm your feet it is preferable to use Valenki, felt boots made of lamb’s wool. These type of boots are able to keep your feet warm even when the temperature is around minus 30 degrees centigrade. They do not have soles, so you should wear them with galoshes;

– To protect your head and ears, use one of the traditional symbols of Russia: the Ushanka, a faux fur hat with ear flaps.


Conventional methods can be combined with modern technology, using heat-insulating and breathable garments, so that your body remains warm while reducing the number of garments worn.

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