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S.O.S Gift Ideas


Sporting gifts for this 2016 Christmas, let’s see together 5 gift ideas suitable for our athletic friends.


A few days remain before Christmas and, as in each year, the inevitable rush to do our Christmas shopping presents itself.

For those who work, or are busy with the house and the family life, the appointment with Christmas gifts inexorably comes at the very last minute.

The choice for the right gift is always difficult to make, even if we perfectly know the preferences of those who receive it. Many times we have repetitive and bad ideas.

Sometimes, however, we actually don’t know how to do, because our question is always the same: “which is the right gift to give to him? He already has everything!”

Being original is hard but non so impossible.

The idea could be basing our choice on the passions of our friends such as sport. In Italy the 31% of the population does sport and a great idea for our Christmas shopping could be a product for those who simply do physical activities or even the more extreme sports.


For this reason let’s discover the 5 gift ideas that could be ideal for this 2016 Christmas.


1. Stockings 1177 (Eleven Seventyseven)


This kind of stockings is created with the lightest and most resistant fibre in nature, which is usually used in the world of sport.  They are produced by the company Ileana Spa and, thanks to the material used, they protect feet even from the most extreme temperatures.

They are available for men, women and children and the packaging is particularly suitable for these festivities, because the stockings are packed in cans. So a simple and useful present like a pair of stockings becomes something really original.


2. CMP Sweaters


These sweaters are dedicated to all those who do sport in winter and outdoor, and look for high-performing and, at the same time, comfortable clothes. Even if they are very light, they guarantee high thermal protection.

They are practical, easy for washing and don’t need ironing. Resistant also to the pilling phenomenon (abrasions caused by rubbing are avoided) they are a safe investment for those who make their outdoor sport a real lifestyle.


3.  Dynafit Sweater 


This sweater is suitable for all people who love winter sports; Dynafit is a company that produces sporting samples suitable for all those who practice this kind of sports.

They are available both for women and men, in different models. Thanks to their fibre, they are light, comfortable and guarantee, with their seamless design and fast-drying qualities, an unbeatable performance.


4. Underwear Mico Clothing 


Mico is a company that produces specific samples for mountain life. Its aim over the years has been creating clothes offering not only practical use, but also comfort and innovation.

Among its products, there is the Underwear, an underwear line for men, women and children, which suits each kind of situations. For women, especially the more frenetic ones, a tights line, in various models, is available. It is useful to face mountain life even in the lowest temperatures.


5.  Diesel Duff SP Jeans


These new Diesel Jeans are the right gift for all the sporting men who always want to follow the fashion of the moment, but at the same time look for light cloths to guarantee themselves a comfortable fit.

Suitable for all those who have a casual style, these jeans offer an excellent thermal insulation, expel sweat very fast in order to make the denim fresh during summer, and with high insulation in winter.

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