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Sailing in Croatia: itinerary on the magic islands


A journey with open sails on the most fascinating islands in Croatia, with useful advice on the must-see places and how to savour the flavour of a magic experience.


A search for authenticity in order to escape the crowds and live in exotic places filled with nature and exciting characteristics.

A sense of freedom that comes only from the emotions of sailing.

An awe-inspiring sea and scenic wonders of the costs.

Croatia offers even more. It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions for the sailing enthusiasts. The islands that must not be missed are:

HVAR – A cultural place with rich historical background, gorgeous beaches and rich vegetation. Starigrad, the ancient village, and the settlements along the coast are worth visiting.

CRES – The best choice for the shingle beach enthusiasts. It is partly uninhabited and filled with broadleaved forestations. The diving enthusiasts must visit the Bay of Zanja and its amazing Blue Cave with beautiful features.

BISEVO – Inhabited by less than 20 people until 2001, it is one of the furthest islands from the Dalmatia coast. Porat beach (a sandy beach) and the breathtaking caves like the Blue Grotto are really suggested.

BRAC Murvica, a stunning location with pink sands beach and crystal clear water where anyone can unwind and relax. There is also the San Vito Mountain near there and it is the highest point in the whole Adriatico Sea with its 778 mt high.

MIJET – It is known as a group of saltwater lakes with crystal clear water. It boasts a National Park where people can relax and enjoy the scenic wonders of the landscapes.

VIS – It is considered one of the most mysterious islands in Croatia, and for this reason it was off-limits for decades. Now it is allowed for visitors to enter, go fishing and enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature.


Everything is ready, it’s time to leave. One more essential thing : what to pack for a boat trip?


In order to deal with unpredictable situations of a journey of that kind, here is some useful advice to be well prepared.

The luggage should be strictly essential and leave out all the unnecessary things in order to be comfortable for boarding and returning home. Bear in mind that a boat boasts lockers suitable for a small wardrobe, according to the typical sizes of a craft.

It is better choose an outdoor clothing suitable for every needs, especially for life on board. Lightweight, comfortable, breathable and dampness-resistant clothes are highly recommended.

In addition, a suitable clothing for summer is recommended: bathing suit, t-shirts and shorts. So don’t forget practical lightweight clothes, sunglasses and hats for hot days and a light coat for the night. Less is better and the watchword is: relax and comfort.


Gluttonous sins: fruits and vegetables, the fish of the farmers and the local fishermen.


Which is the best way to recharge after a sailing board trip? It is certainly tasting the culinary specialities that Croatia, a location rich in healthy food, offers.

Those who prefer to buy fresh food and cook on board, can easily get to the open-air market on the harbour where selecting the best fresh fish. Tuna, palamite, sea bream, sea urchin, molluscs are the most tasty options.

In addition, if you want to complete your meal with the right amount of vitamins and natural sugars, meet the countless fruit and vegetable local growers. Buying the products from the producers themselves is very common in Croatia. It represents ad added value that allow people to eat delicious and fresh food, according to the seasonability.


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