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Weekend out of town


Even if the holidays are only a happy memory for most of us, summer is not at its end. So why not take advantage of the  mild climate and enjoy a weekend outdoors, getting some time away from the routine? The last weeks of summer are ideal for escaping the crowds of the high season, enjoying sport and fun and, at the same time, discovering new places in Italy.

After turning off your computer and leaving your office, have a look at these 10 activities to try and the Italian destinations to visit:



Rafting in Valsesia (Piemonte)


Valsesia is a large Alpine valley that stretches from Monte Rosa to Romagnano Sesia, through which a lot of streams flow. For this reason, it is the ideal destination for lovers of watersports. Rafting, a ride down the river on a raft, is an activity suitable for everybody. With a right company, it is ideal for having fun! The more courageous can try cayoning, an opportunity to discover natural areas from an unusual point of view, do guided excursions along the streams, looking at the waterfalls and the caves.


Surfing in Levanto (Liguria)


Levanto, a beautiful and old fishing town a few feet away from Cinque Terre has become in recent times, one of the most popular destinations for Italian surfers. The reason is its large bay where the waves can reach more than 3 meters in height.  Beginners have the opportunity to attend daily lessons to learn basic and practical surfing techniques with the help of expert instructors who are close at hand in the water to help their students.


Golf in Varese (Lombardia)


For most of us, escaping the routine does not necessarily mean having an adventure. There are people who prefer to relax with an individual, focused sport such as golf. Lombardia is an Italian region with the biggest number of Golf Clubs, from extra luxury clubs to low cost ones for beginners. Varese boasts the oldest golf club, which is located in a Benedictine Monastery. In Varese you can also find clubs that offer daily subscriptions at low prices thanks to low season promotion.


Paragliding in Vetriolo (Trentino Alto Adige)


Trentino boasts several areas where you can take free flight. Among these, it’s worth mentioning Vetriolo, in Valsugana, which offers an amazing view of the landscape from the air. If  you are looking for an alternative weekend, want to try the thrill of flight and enjoy the amazing scenery of Dolomites from a different perspective, paragliding is your best choice! Qualified instructors are always available for a safe and adventurous training session.


Riding in the Po Delta (Emilia Romagna)



The Po Delta Park is an unspoiled natural reserve that can be enjoyed by all, even lovers of riding or anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature on horseback. Excursions (also for beginners) are organised throughout the entire year. Sitting on the saddle of white, tame horses, together with an expert, anyone can enjoy fascinating areas and a variety of landscapes rich in fauna, which make the Po Delta a unique and unforgettable place to visit.



Trekking in Sibillini Mountains (Umbria)



The Sibillini Mountains National Park, which stretches from Umbria to Marche, is characterised by several valleys and high peaks covered with colourful woods of maple and beech trees. The area is rich in local fauna: it is easy to find deers and wolves, but also eagles and owls. For those who love having a stroll in a warm autumn atmosphere, this is the right place. Thanks to the age old tradition of country walking the Sibillini Mountains are rich in easy walking paths that extend from residential areas up to high altitudes.



Climbing in Roccamorice (Abruzzo)



Roccamorice is a small town in Abruzzo, an attraction for tourists and sport enthusiasts for its historical and natural beauties. Located in the mountains, you can find two of the most antique and popular mountain retreats, Santo Spirito Retreat and San Bortolomeo Retreat, both nestled in the rocks and blending into the surrounding landscape. A short distance away there is Parete dell’Orso, a limestone cliff of more than 2 km, one of the longest in Italy, suitable for every kind of climbing and ideal for enjoying a breathtaking view.


Cycling in Salento (Puglia)



If you have little time available, the best way to enjoy Puglia is certainly from the saddle of a bicycle. Fit and experienced cyclists can try a ride along the coast, on a circuit that offers a complete view of Salento. For those who prefer to enjoy the beauty of this area with its trulli (typical round houses with pointed roofs), ravines and manor farms, can enjoy a shorter path with various stops from Polignano to Ostuni passing by Alberobello, and perhaps take advantage of the opportunity to take a dive into the cleanest water in Italy.


Scuba diving in Ustica (Sicilia)



Among the various islands in Sicily where you can dive, Ustica is ideal both for experienced divers and beginners. It is characterised by an amazing protected marine area with extraordinarily clear water. The many diving points have been designed to show off the underwater riches of this vulcanic island, rich in caves and bays and to enjoy a unique experience. The island itself is little paradise waiting to be discovered, both for its natural features and for its archaeological sites of interest.


Sailing in La Maddalena (Sardegna)


Those who can easily reach Sardinia at the weekend and want to try a new activity should take advantage of the opportunity to try sailing. The beautiful Maddalena Archipelago is the perfect area to do this sport, because the wind (the same one which over the years has sculpted the famous Roccia dell’Orso) always blows. In this enchanting corner of the Mediterrenean sea you can hire a boat or attend a sailing course designed to suit each individual.


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