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Five Italian trails not to be missed

Wheels that take you everywhere, total immersion in unblemished nature, unique sensations of freedom and adrenaline: an active mountain biking holiday is one of the best kinds of sustainable tourism there is.

Cycling can give you a truly intense experience of nature, without damaging it; following a trail by mountain bike also has major benefits for your mood and body. For you bikers, then, here are 5 ideas for an unforgettable holiday on two wheels with breathtaking trails, eco-friendly accommodation and specialist services for cyclists.

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  1. By mountain bike also on the snow, in the Adamello Brenta Park

First destination: the Brenta Dolomites where 171 km of trails await us. One example is the DossDeLaCros Trail, a circular route of  11 kilometres lasting one hour with an elevation gain of 306 metres. It starts from San Lorenzo in Banale, proceeds towards the beautiful Lake Nembia and follows a wonderful descending path in the vicinity of “Moline di Deggia” through stunning landscapes.

  1. Cycling high above the blue Cilento coast

Mountain bikers will also love the Cilento where a crystal-clear sea, unspoiled countryside and various archaeological sites merge to create a world of enchantment. Our recommended route leads towards the headland of Capo Palinuro, which dominates the entire Cilento coast. The route takes 4 hours, covering a total of 30 kilometres. The sound of the waves, the thrill of the sheer drop below and the beauty of the horizon will give you a unique and unforgettable experience.

  1. By mountain bike through the beauty of Pesaro Urbino

The countryside and coast of the Marche offer breathtaking landscapes enriched by a wealth of evocative medieval villages. The province of Pesaro-Urbino provides one of the most exciting mountain bike trail experiences on the Italian east coast. The Monte San Bartolo Nature Park has a 38 kilometre route crossing woods, vineyards and small villages perched above the Adriatic Sea.

  1. From the Emilian Apennines to the sea

This three-day trail, of 60 kilometres in total and with an elevation gain of 1,000 metres, can be travelled by mountain bike or – alternatively – on foot accompanied by donkeys. A unique and unforgettable experience that starts inland, in the Apennines near Parma, and reaches the Ligurian sea at the romantic Baia del Silenzioafter passing through woods, meadows and mountains.

  1. By mountain bike on the shores of Sardinia

We now move to southern Italy, to a small island off Sardinia. Sant’Antioco is the perfect destination for anybody who loves nature, the sea and its flavours. One of the best ways to explore this land is by bike; for example, a trail of 33.7 kilometres enables you to explore the southern part of the island. It starts from the village of Sant’Antioco, heads towards some broad ponds inhabited by beautiful pink flamingoes and then continues towards the sea, with the unique experience of pedalling just a few centimetres from the water’s edge. It then proceeds towards Capo Sperone, ascends to an old military installation built in 1886, descends towards the Nuragic complex of Grutti Acqua and then returns to the town.

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