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How to pack your backpack for trekking


Six useful tips to pack sensibly in view of going hiking.


Trekking is great for outdoor activities’ lovers. A field trip could be very positive for people in need to relax your body and mind.

A field trip can be a one-day long only or it can last longer, if you decide to put yourself to the test. It’s not necessary to cover 1.100 the same way Cheryl Streid from Wild movie did, an easiest one just in order to get you sleeping underneath the stars for a night only will do.

That’s when the “backpack issue” kicks off. You ask yourself the question: “What should I take with me?“. The best piece of advise is the most expected one: just the essentials will do.The less the weight, the less the effort in carrying it. You must take into account the countless differences in height you will find on your way.


In order to pack an excellent backpack, functioning and practical at the same time, it only takes to follow these six tips.


Place your objects accordingly with the order you are going to use them

Practicality means we can’t stop and ‘dismantle’ our backpack every time we need something. For this reason you want to make sure you put the things you know you will need the less at the bottom of the backpack when packing.


A lightweight base

The best way to properly balance a backpack is to put the “lightest load” – such as clothing – at the base. In order to take on a field trip in the best way possible, it would be better to wear technical garments rather then several layers: this is not very practical, especially if you are carrying a backpack. Insulating clothes enables you to easily undertake your field trip, with no harm for your health.


Food halfway

Food and cooking appliances can be put about the mid section of the backpack; we recommend to use a mess tin to carry it. For those unfamiliar with the term, a mess tin is a metallic container you use in those occasions it is not possible to cook. We recommend aluminum, as it is lighter, for both the tin and the pot. Just take a few pieces of cutlery with you and use a plastic cup as a glass.


Useful stuff at your fingertips

Amongst the useful tools to keep at your fingertips there’s the canteen, which can be packed at the top. The choice is wide, from aluminum ones to the so-called dromedary bags allowing you to drink water from a straw and that you can place in your backpack. the front pack is the place for items that will prove to be useful such as your smartphone, a map, a compass or a camera.


Place everything at the center of the backpack

The best way to have a properly balanced backpack is not to only to put the heaviest items at the bottom, but also to be sure everything is packed so there are no differences in weight from one side to another.


Avoid hanging items to the backpack

To hang loads to your backpack is not only likely to throw you off your balance, but most and foremost can cause harm. Items could get caught on a branch, so the best way to avoid this is to keep everything in your backpack.

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