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You can benefit from spinning in many different ways. Here are five reasons why it’s good for your health.


Spinning is a cardio discipline invented in the USA, and it involves a stationary exercise bicycle. The main goal is to keep pace with the music while cycling.

It is the most effective sport when it comes to quick weight loss, as the first results can be noticed after three classes only.

A common misconception is that spinning is good for the legs only, maybe due to the fact this sport was originally thought as a training for cyclists; however, this is not the case.

We can benefit form spinning in a lot of different ways. Here’s the five reasons why it is good for our health. 



Lean and tapered legs

A lot of women tend to avoid spinning, as they are worried about getting big thighs and calves.

This can happen only if the exercises are carried out in the wrong way. The load on the pedal makes the quadriceps and the biceps femoris work, and as they stretch the leg will tend to slim down. For the same reason, it is important to correctly set the knob controlling the slope level.



As mentioned already, spinning is one of the most effective sports when it comes to losing weight quickly. During a single lesson, usually lasting 45 minutes, is it possible to burn almost 600 calories. Thanks to this process, lesson by lesson the body will burn fat quicker and metabolism will boost, even when not exercising. Bloodstream will improve and fat deposits will be eliminated.


Toned gluteus

Gluteus are amongst the most difficult muscles to be toned and specific exercises are recommended to this purpose – including riding a bike out of the saddle. This technique, which is also called en danseuse, is particularly good to tone the highest part of the gluteus.


Maximised heart and lungs strength

Spinning makes heart working at its best, and this has benefits on the bloodstream as well. This is also a great training for the respiratory system: exercising the lungs increases stamina, and the body’s general oxygenation improves as a result.


It is a good way to socialise

Differently from other disciplines, spinning is not a ‘solo’ sport: its strength relies on being a group activity. With no competition involved the activity is performed smoothly, which releases a big amount of endorphins, the so-called ‘good mood hormones’; they are not only beneficial to the mood but to the body as well, which pushes people to train regularly.


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