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How to restore balance after a day of sport, the services offered by wellness centres.


After a day on the ski slopes, there is nothing better than to enjoy a relaxing moment giving yourself some pampering.

The mountain also offers this and in vacation destinations you can find facilities and spa that offer a wide range of regenerative treatments, which serve not only the wellbeing of the body but also the spirit.

Here are some suggestions.




Though many think that it is only useful to have a deep cleansing of the skin, turkish baths have multiple benefits. Especially after a day of sport, it relieves muscle tension and tones the body. Inside the humidity is 100% and the temperature varies from 20 degrees near the floor to 40 at the highest part of the room. To get the most benefit you should do an initial sitting of fifteen minutes, get out, take a cold shower, go back in for another 15 minute session, get out, and have another cold shower. To re-accustom the body to the ambient temperature we recommend that you wear breathable and thermal insulating garments, so as to adjust to any temperature changes.




This type of treatment works through the action of alternating heat and cold that is applied by stones. These are often of volcanic origin, and during a session more than seventy may be used. The stones are placed all over the body and their heat is released slowly which increases vasodilation and circulation. After this stage comes the massage, which is performed with easily manageable lava stones. These stones will reach a maximum temperature of 70 degrees. The massage relaxes contracted muscles and improves blood circulation. For sports enthusiasts treatment with cold stones is recommend because the low temperature helps to constrict the blood vessels so as to eliminate toxins.




It is the best ally for skin perspiration. In fact, thanks to the sweating caused by this treatment toxins and wastes are eliminates from the skin, resulting in deep detoxification of the skin and improved blood circulation. To prepare the skin for treatment, it is recommended to take a shower before entering the sauna, so as to have well dilated pores. The session in the sauna should not last more than ten minutes and it is recommended to have a cold shower after, so as to restore the normal body temperature.




In this type of therapy four colors are used: blue, red, yellow and green. The use of each color has a specific purpose: blue has a curative effect, red increases the vitality of the individual and organs, yellow helps mental health, and green soothes and relaxes. Chromotherapy can be applied in different ways: using food, irradiating food or skin with the colors mentioned above, through baths in the colors and meditation. According to chromotherapy, exposure to radiation of different colors should bring positive influences to our body.




This type of therapy uses the natural movement of water, natural and artificial jets, and hot spring vapors as a curative and relaxing method. A healing bathroom must have a temperature ranging from 10 to over 36 degrees. However, it should never stay between 34 and 36 since you can not derive any benefit; it is the body’s normal temperature. The water’s thermal stimulation properties cause the body to experience circulatory gymnastics that accelerate organic renewal, favoring diuresis and secretions.



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