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17/12/2019  News
PIPPO Amsterdam socks in Dryarn®: the best training partner

  Perfect comfort and high quality. PIPPO Amsterdam socks are specifically designed for cyclists, triathletes and everyone who loves taking part in sports without sacrificing performance and comfort. They are […]

16/12/2019  News
The Dryarn® technology and the Oxyburn compression performance together for the outdoor run

Oxyburn, the Brescia-based technical sportswear specialist, makes garments designed to stimulate the primordial cortex of all athletes. To reconnect them with nature during outdoor activities. By becoming a second skin […]

03/12/2019  News
Calze GM has chosen Dryarn® for the Speed Hiking sock

Whether they’re engaged in winter mountaineering or a long hike on the Via Francigena, it’s essential for trekkers to use the right technical equipment.. That’s why Calze GM has chosen […]

25/11/2019  Extreme stories, News
DRYARN® celebrates 20 years of innovation and sport

A major milestone for Dryarn®, the lightest microfibre in the world, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first market launch. Twenty years ago no truly high-performance product was […]

20/11/2019  News
Dryarn® for the underwear total look by Under Shield ®: the best sportsman’s partner

Many years’ experience in the technical-functional clothing sector lie behind the launch of Under Shield®, a company that has combined the unique features of Dryarn® and Carbon Energized Fiber (C. […]

11/11/2019  News
MB Wear chooses Dryarn® for the underwear dedicated to the bicycle lovers

Cyclists know how important it is, in the cooler months, to protect the body from severe cold and temperature swings while maintaining correct physical movement. With its solid background in […]

29/10/2019  News
Dryarn® and Berto together to create the future denim

Denim is one of the most transformist fabrics there is, capable of interpreting the vagaries of fashion and adapting to the ever-changing needs of consumers. It’s been some years now […]

25/10/2019  Events
CMP Trail 2019 and Dryarn®: record numbers for the fourth edition of the competition

2,500 participants, 94 km of trails in total and 20 nations represented. These are the figures for the 2019 CMP Trail, which confirms its high-prestige status among international running events in a […]

15/10/2019  News
J BIMBI® DRYARN the bodysuit that grows with the baby

Children grow very rapidly, especially in their first year of life, meaning that you’re constantly having to buy them new clothing. J BIMBI®, in partnership with Dryarn®, comes to the […]

11/10/2019  News
DRYARN® and MACRON together again for the PARMA MARATHON 2019

The official kits for the Parma Marathon 2019, scheduled for 20 October, were presented today. Macron, technical sponsor for the event, has again chosen Dryarn® to create the 32K race T-shirt, which […]

26/09/2019  News

With the arrival of winter, wearing suitable clothing for outdoor sports like cycling is essential. It’s important to protect yourself from the cold while ensuring that the body can move […]