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Tag: environment
29/08/2019  Actuality
The benefits of going to work in bicycle

If there’s one form of transport able to combine saving money, environmental friendliness, health and quality of life then it’s the bicycle. Unless you’re really forced to use the car […]

12/09/2018  Actuality, Nature
The glaciers retreat

If the glaciers are a symbol, but also the symptom, of our relationship with the planet, then the data gathered in these past few years invites pause for reflection. Melting […]

17/06/2016  Nature
Curiosities and record about natural caves: from the Star Cave to the cave that can contain a Boeing 747

A magic place where people can soak up a fabulous atmosphere with fairies and nymphs, but also a hellhole where pretty bad creatures live and plan their evil plots.  The […]