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08/12/2016  Hi-Technology
Snowboards: trends for the next winter

Let’s discover all the latest trends for this 2017 winter about snowboards, patterns and trends of the new products presented at the 2016 ISPO.   In the month of December […]

24/11/2016  Holidays & Tour
Lapland: the house of Santa Claus in the intense cold of a rainbow-coloured land

Let’s discover the fascinating world of Lapland, between curiosities and travel advice for the hometown of Santa Claus. Christmas is coming, and also vacation, and we cannot afford not to […]

17/11/2016  Work-out
Key factors to improve your ski training

In the world of skiing each discipline has different needs in order to improve athletes’ performances. Here an explanation concerning the main factors which help optimise the physiological conditions. In […]

10/11/2016  Holidays & Tour
Trekking in Italy: 5 itineraries to follow by foot, riding a horse or a mountain-bike

Hiking is not just a simple pastime, it is a real lifestyle. It is a great oopportunity to live nature in its intimate and pure soul, (respecting its evolutions and […]

27/10/2016  Interviews
Cycling seen through the eyes of an expert: : Interview with David Pizzolato

From a cylist to a coach: what made you decide to leave your career of an athlete and start to train? I would say it was a necessary decision, unfortunately […]

12/07/2016  Holidays & Tour
Passion for Kitesurfing: some advice on choosing the right equipment and the best spots in Sicily, Sardinia and Northern Italy

During the kaleidoscopic Eighties, traditional kite-flying assumed more extreme, almost acrobatic, characteristics. The kite becomes an instrument to test not only manual abilities, but also, above all, balance and agility.   […]

22/09/2016  Holidays & Tour
Weekend out of town

Even if the holidays are only a happy memory for most of us, summer is not at its end. So why not take advantage of the  mild climate and enjoy […]