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An interview with Sport Vlaanderen, the first women’s cycling team

When people think about cycling they think of the Tour de France, the exploits of Coppi and Merckx, the Giro d’Italia and the sprints of Cipollini. It’s unlikely that they’ll think of a woman on a bicycle.

Yet there are so many women cyclists. It’s a growing movement, rich in history and with as much passion as among men.

It’s enough to cast your mind back to Alfonsina Strada, the first woman to appear in the Giro d’Italia in 1924, who was forced to wear men’s clothes to be able to take part in the “Corsa Rosa”.

Today women are increasingly active players in the world of cycling, and many collections are designed to ensure the high-performance and comfort of the athletes.

To get to know this world better we chatted to the girls from the Sport Vlaanderen Team – the first professional women’s cycling team – which wears Carbon Energized underwear made with high percentages of Dryarn.

What are your main goals as a team?

“Like every season we want to develop young cyclists, we only work with very young racers. And our goal is to win, which is by no means easy. This year we won the national championship 2 weeks ago, and 4 races in total during the season. In the past few years we’ve also had a World Champion in the team.”

How did you fall in love with cycling?

“The team manager was a professional 25 years ago and as soon as she retired she founded the team, which has existed for more than 20 years now. At the time it was the first female professional team. Her husband was also a professional racer who is now the sports director at Quick Step Floors, so both of them live and breathe cycling.”

How important is the underwear you use while cycling?

“Underwear is fundamentally important, it has to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is why Carbon Energized is the ideal partner. Because of its high percentages of Dryarn it permits excellent thermo-regulation, and the girls are very happy with the quality, performance and wearability of their underwear.”


What are your tips for women who want to start cycling?

“Follow your dreams, never give up and – who knows – perhaps one day you’ll be able to race with us!”


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