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CMP has launched its collection of second layer garments for men and women for the upcoming winter season. The collection combines advanced technology and fashionable look following the latest trend sports apparel where there is an increasing demand for technical garments which at the same time are comfortable and good to look at, too. The collection will be in shop ready for the 2015-2016 autumn-winter season. For its collection CMP has chosemn Dryarn, an extremely functional, high-performance material. Dryarn is the lightest microfiber which exist in nature and is the result of the long experience and specialist expertise of Aquafil.

The use of Dryarn has made it possible for CMP to manufacture light garments which also offer the highest leves of technical performance in terms of comfort, thermo-regulation and breathability. The garments are designed principally to meet the needa of anyone practising winter sports. If you ski, for example, you need to be warm, comfortable and have great freedom of movement.

These garments are very light and at the same time offer top levels of thermal protection thanks to the excellent insulation properties of Dryarn. This fibre keeps the body temperature constant and pretects the body from extremes od hot and cold. The excellent breathability of Dryarn ensures that the skin remains dry all times and the wearer can enjoy a sense of comfort and wellbeing in a variety of climate conditions. The low specific weight of Dryarn means that it can be used to make fine, lightweight clothing which is close fitting and follows the form of the body closely while ensuring the athlete the maximum freedom of movement.

The garments ar practical and easy to car for, too. They are machine washable, quick-dry, non-iron and colour fast. They not subject to pilling when rubben. High resistance to moisture ensure that a Dryarn garment will last a long time with the minimum of care. These are all unique characteristics which make Dryarn the fibre of choice for innovative fashion garments.

The CMP second layer has a heritage style design and is part of the ski apparel line of the same name where high technical performance is combined with Italian elegance and style.

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