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Yachting is a life style and SLAM has been a leader in producing clothing specifically for this world for over 50 years now. Sea and wind can be friends and allies, but at the same time enemies, necessitating self-protection. Yachters often find themselves competing under gruelling conditions: sea, wind, water, cold… and anyone practicing this sport knows just how important it is to have the right equipment.

The modern yachting world is continually on the move in the search of increasingly light, technical and efficient but fashionable clothing. Light, transparent fabrics shaping themselves to the body and beautiful to look at. Dryarn is all this and much more. Absolute comfort, exceptional thermal insulation properties regulating the body to the same temperature and protecting it heat from heat and cold. Hygroscopic, capacity to expel dampness and perspiration, guaranteeing a high standard of wearability and skin always dry. Tear-proof and last but not least dermatologically tested.

Slam research applied to Dryarn technology has produced decidedly competitive base layer and second layer articles worn by yachtsmen, be they great champions or amateurs. Comfortable, practical, fashionable but at the same time high performing articles.

SLAM was official supplier to the “AULD MUG” holders at the last great success of the BMW ORACLE RACING Team in the 33rd America’s Cup.

Yachtsmen wearing clothes in Dryarn can achieve first rate performance, even under extreme conditions. With Dryarn’s hygroscopic characteristics water, perspiration and dampness filter through the fabric from inside to outside: not absorbing water, fibres do not even increase in weight.

Dryarn also has an exceptional isolation capacity, keeping the body temperature unchanged. It is tear-proof, anti-pilling and anti-bacterial: articles of clothing in Dryarn worn by yachtsmen are extremely high performing when under full physical exertion due to the combination of these characteristics. A perfect union between Dryarn and Slam making the dreams of the great fans of this fascinating yet sometimes extreme sport come true: sail the seas with passion knowing that they are wearing comfortable clothes that will not let them down.

The BASE LAYER is the first layer in contact with skin and the quality of the fabric used to make it is essential for the wellbeing of a yachtsman when sailing, especially under difficult conditions. Used by the Bmw Oracle Racing Team, ZIP TERIN T-shirt and HINGHI underpants are articles of underwear born for yachting but ideal for practicing any sport. Comfort and easy wear are guaranteed by the seamless technology used to make the articles. Light and fine, wear resistant in spite of frequent washing, they ensure sportsmen/women with full agility of movement, maximum practicality and continual optimal thermo-physiological efficiency.

The Kyoti T-shirt and Bike Medium underpants are also in the Base Layer, the extremely light 100% Dryarn New Seamless, guaranteeing thermal insulation, transpiration and protection from U.V. rays. Suited for the spring and summer seasons.

KIRIO BERMUDA an article entirely made of 100% Dryarn, comes from the experience gained in the America’s Cup races, available in silver and midnight blue colours. Slam introduces a new concept in sports pants with this article, guaranteeing high resistance to tear and maximum transpiration, conserving size and colour, extremely resistant to light and seawater and never changing with time. This extremely light fabric does not absorb water and dries very quickly.

SHORE, women’s polo shirt and SEABREEZE, men’s polo shirt in the Super Yacht line, also made of 100% Dryarn, are the great innovations in PE 2010. These articles represent the cutting edge of a fashion-related technical application. Practical and comfortable, they are a must for all travellers. Simple and rapid to wash, quickly dried, they need no ironing nor do they get creased!

A plus to be had when using Dryarn. Because of the exceptional nature of this microfibre’s structure the fabrics are in fact stain-proof. Dryarn does not change with time and garments dry rapidly without fading even if exposed directly to the sun. And a T-shirt is ready to put on again after just a few hours, without having to iron it.

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