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Marco Olmo just never stops! This multi-marathon winner, considered by many as the strongest in the world, came second in the final ranking of the Grand Raid Sahara 2010, that ended on 29 January un Mali after covering an overall distance of 209 km broken down into five stages. An excellent start to the season of challenging competitions and an excellent experience in the desert, in preparation for the forthcoming 25th Marathon des Sables which Olmo certainly would not wish to miss. For this challenge too, Marco Olmo has decided to wear clothing in Dryarn, an extraordinary fibre absolutely unique in the world in terms of comfort and the hi-tech performance it is able to offer. Water-repellent and thermoregulatory, practical and comfortable, breathable and bacteriostatic, lightweight and resistant, Dryarn has been a faithful ally to Marco Olmo in recent years, accompanying him in his extreme sporting exploits. Marco Olmo and Dryarn are now the protagonists of a book and a documentary film recounting the story of a man who has become a ling legend in extreme marathons, who has made running his life’s ambition and a way of escaping from a bitter face. The book dedicated to Marco Olmo, published recently by Franco Faggiani Editore, is entitled Correre è un po’ come volare (Running is rather like flying) and tells the story of this extraordinary athlete from Cuneo; emotions and sensations of a life of running from himself in a fascinating and exclusive interview by Franco Faggiani, In Il corridore – The runner, a documentary by Paolo Casalis and Stefano Scarafia, we discovered everything that goes into the preparation, taking a whole year, for the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail, the most important and challenging resistance competition in the world: 167 Km across three countries, over 21 hours of non-stop running around the highest mountain in Europe. A sport that defies imagination and in which the physical and mental preparation and personal motivation are fundamental. This competition, that Marco Olmo won twice running, may be the last of his career. Marco must win to prove himself that he can still do it. And Dryarn will be whit him all the way!

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