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DYNAFIT and Dryarn® come together for winter 18/19 to clothe the skin of athletes in functionality, comfort and warmth. The specialist endurance sports company presents three base layer product lines perfectly calibrated to the needs of different disciplines in the Speed, Tour and Free categories, all created in Dryarn®. The garments vary in their cut, material composition and  thermal performance, but they all share maximum functionality, a perfect fit and great freedom of movement thanks to S-Tech seamless technology – a stitch-free construction that prevents the development of pressure or chafing points. Dryarn®, the lightest microfibre in the world, enables garments to be ultra-lightweight and thermo-regulating.



From Zugspitze, via Mont Blanc and as far as the Himalayas: everyone involved in the speed version of ski mountaineering aims to conquer the world’s peaks, big and small, in record time. For maximum performance their equipment has to be versatile, sturdy and reliable and must also – crucially – weigh as little as possible. DYNAFIT, with its collection of base layers for the speed category, available in four men’s and three women’s styles, meets all these requirements. The garments are created in Dryarn®, which perfectly wicks away dampness and is highly breathable. This means that the skin stays dry and warm even during intense physical effort: garments made in Dryarn® are ultra-lightweight, dry rapidly and prevent the formation of unpleasant odours. A close fit and seamless construction prevents the development of friction and pressure points in contact with clothing or under the backpack. The garments are further protected by reinforcements in the areas most prone to stress, while micro-perforations created directly in the fabric improve air circulation. It’s a functional product line for moving fast in the mountains all year round: climbing 4,000 thousand meters in speed mode, or re-ascending the slopes with skis on your back or feet and then plunging back down into the fresh snow.



Having fun travelling through nature, training your body, always on the lookout for new mountain peaks and endlessly varied descents. To tackle the different athletic challenges of ascent and descent and all the tricks the weather can throw at you, the designers at DYNAFIT have created a base layer made up of a technical tee with half-length zip and 3/4 length tights in both male and female versions. This functional underwear is available in two colours. The garments are soft and pleasant on the skin and, thanks to Dryarn®, keep the athlete warm and dry even at the lowest temperatures without sacrificing lightness and breathability. The turtle neck of the tee protects the delicate area of the throat from cold, but can be conveniently opened while climbing for freshness.

Elastic cuffs and practical openings for the thumbs increase the level of comfort. In the Touring category too the designers have opted for the renowned S-Tech seamless construction, giving a perfect fit and a truly unique design. So ski mountaineers can look great even while resting in the refuge, before launching themselves into the thrilling plunge towards the valley.



Free touring enthusiasts focus their gaze on the descent through the untouched powder, anticipating a thrilling balance between zero gravity and centrifugal force. It’s therefore obvious what they expect of their equipment: on the ascent they need to save energy to be able to achieve the best downhill performance. This is a challenge that the engineers at DYNAFIT have risen to by employing a mix of materials made up of nylon, Dryarn® and elastane: the underwear created by this combination not only keeps the athlete warm and dry, but is also ultra-lightweight and breathable. The product line features a long-sleeved tee with hood and long tights, in men’s and women’s versions. An athletic and close fit that, thanks to its S-Tech construction and the elasticity of the material, clothes the wearer perfectly and gives maximum freedom of movement. The hood of the tee is fitted with a half-length zip that can be opened when needed but comes up to the face when closed,  protecting the throat from the cold. Large elastic inserts at the bottom and on the cuffs (with openings for the thumbs) prevent the underwear from slipping during physical activity. The tights feature a wide waistline and an insert at the crotch to enhance wearer comfort. Thanks to intelligent body mapping construction, with some areas managing sweat evaporation and others regulating body temperature, athletes can fully enjoy their descent through the powder.

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