Giordana has been supplying cycling wear for over 25 years. Several thousand teams of professionals and amateurs throughout the world have worn and are wearing Giordana articles. With each of its collections, the company designs clothing with a high technological edge to satisfy the requirements of cyclists at all levels. Always on the lookout for partners than can combine technological know-how with innovation to guarantee sports practitioners an ever-increasing level of performance, Giordana has selected Dryarn. The intrinsic characteristics of Dryarn, the lightest microfiber in the world, make it the ideal fibre for Giordana’s underwear collection, Silverconfort, specially designed for all cyclist and available in stores since the Spring-Summer 09 season. Silverconfort is a biking underwear collection that is also highly versatile. it can be worn both in the saddle and during time off, affording the same high degree of comfort and personality. Perfect to wear, with exceptional breathability, rapid drying and high performance guaranteed by Dryarn, the Silverconfort collection is absolutely unique. In fact, Dryarn is:  – WATER-REPELLENT AND THERMOREGULATORY Thanks to the microfiber’s capacity for evacuating moisture and perspiration and to the ergonomic characteristics of the designs, Silverconfort clothing offers absolute comfort and high quality in terms of controlled ease of wear and water-resistance. Giordana has taken advantage of Dryarn’s exceptional capacities for thermal insulation to design articles to satisfy different degrees of insulation, perspiration and muscle support to maintain an ideal body temperature and protect the wearer from both excessive cold and heat.  – PRACTICAL AND COMFORTABLE Lighweight and fine, but insulating, Silverconfort clothes allow sporting aficionados to wear fewer layers of clothing and of reduced thickness, thus facilitating their movements.  – BREATHABLE AND BACTERIOSTATIC An article of clothing that does not absorb moisture inhibits the development of bacteria that cause allergies or unpleasant odours. Moisture and perspiration are conducted to the outside of the fabric where they can evaporate rapidly, maintaining the skin dry at all time.  – SLABLE, NON-IRON AND WRINKLE FREE Silverconfort clothing is manufactured from a fibre that does not alter over time in terms of colour, size and aesthetic appearance, an Easy Care article that can boast of colour stability over the long term, high resistance to frequent washing, that does not absorb moisture, dries extremely quickly and is non-iron. Eminently stable, it does not alter in size, even after repeated washings, and is resistant to abrasion. The articles of clothing in this line have been designed to satisfy the demanding techincal requirements of cyclists at all levels and are destined to change the way cyclist dress. Giordana is a brand that manufacturers exclusively in Italy and has found in Dryarn 鲤% made in Italy) a reliable and worthy partner.

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