Would you like to have the same high-performance underwear as the greatest sports champions? Today you can. The MICO novelty awaited in the best sports stores for the next 2012-2013 winter season is the MICO OFFICIAL FISI® line of seamless technical underwear worn by athletes in the Italian Winter Sports Federation, both in competitions and in training. Because it clothes champions, Mico always takes special care in choosing its materials. In fact, Dryarn, the lightest microfibre in the world, enhances athletic performance while guaranteeing a maximum of comfort. Dryarn is superior to other fibres analysed, in terms of heat regulation, breathability and drying speed. It performs better than most fibres on the market, whether natural or synthetic, in terms of breathability because it allows water, moisture and perspiration to be transferred to the exterior of the fabric where they evaporate rapidly, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and the forming of unpleasant odours. Dryarn provides better insulation than cotton or wool. It is dermatologically tested and, in contact with the skin, represents the last frontier of clothing. it prevents problems like contact dermatitis, skin irritations and allergies much more than cotton. It does not cause undesirable effects on the skin and is therefore ideal for people with more sensitive skins or those who suffers from skin problems. Christof Innerhofer, Christian Deville, Peter Fill e Daniela Merighetti have worn and tested clothing from the MICO OFFICIAL FISI® line and their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, recognising its excellent performance in terms of lightness, heat regulation, breathability and comfort. The MICO OFFICIAL FISI® line, designed to help athletes give of their best, is ideal for all sports practitioners that appreciate how technology can serve their performance and make their leisure time more enjoyable. Form-fitting tee-shirts and leggings – in black or white sporting the Italian colours ond official FISI logo – are available in version for men, women and children. In order to manufacture this product of excellence, Mico has chosen Dryarn, the exceptional microfibre that, thanks to its intrinsic characteristics, allows MICO OFFICIAL FISI® apparel to help sports practitioners give of their best. MICO OFFICIAL FISI® clothing offers the same insulating properties as wool but at the same time allowing the perspiration produced during physical exertion to escape to the outside. The elasticity of the fabric means that the clothes fit the body perfectly, optimising the escape of perspitation and leaving the skin dry. The absence of seams and the form-fitting muscle compression properties of the fabric guarantee complete comfort without restriction. Adapting itself perfectly to the body’s anatomy, MICO OFFICIAL FISI® garments facilitate movement,. Men’s underwear: Tee shirt and knee-length leggings Women’s underwear: Tee shirt and knee-length leggings Children’s underwear: Tee shirt and long leggings

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