Cycling is a high-exertion sport. It requires dedication and often subjects the body to condiserable temperature changes. Practitioners of the sport, amateur cycling enthusiasts or professionals, can enhance their perfomance through perseverance and training but specially designed clothing can also help improve results. Dryarn, the lightest microfibre in the world, possesses significant and innovative characteristics that make it ideal for cycling wear. This is why Santini has chosen Dryarn to create its new line of MAGIC underwear, available in three versions: long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless. The collaboration of Dryarn with Santini, working in tandem with cyclist themselves, confirm the success of this innovative yarn: breathable, bacteriostatic and heat-regulating, Dryarn, thanks to its lightness, guarantees sports practitioners maximum agility of movement while protecting them from temperature fluctuations. Normal perspiration produced during cycling, necessary to the body to rebalance its temperature, is not hindered but is trasported rapidly to the exterior, leaving the skin dry and protected from overcooling. The MAGIC line has been created using a special technology that, through careful analysis of the areas most solicited during cycling, whether for leisure or as a professional sport, has enabled the manufacture of different thicknesses and weaving techniques for the different parts of the body to offer different degrees of breathing insulation and muscular support. Dryarn draws perspiration away from the skin, protects the most critical zones creating controlled compression that adjusts along the bundles of muscle fibres to increase comfort and freedom of movement. When the line is launched, exclusively in September and October 2009 in the 108 specialist stores that have adhered to the Santini promotional campaign, a free gift of a seamless long-sleeved vest in Dryarn fibre will be offered to anyone who purchases a jacket in Epic fabric with the new silicone polymer encapsulation treatment that makes it wind-proof and water-proof. The vest and the jacket are a perfect combination for the beginning of the season. At the end of the promotional period, the Dryarn vest will become part of Santini’s sports underwear line, together with the summer versions of the same Magic design, but in lightweight short-sleeved and sleeveless versions. The collaborations between Dryarn and Santini is therefore a winning combination that will introduce a decidedly avant-garde product to the market.

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