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Giancarlo Costa from has tested Biemme’s cycling garments created in Dryarn®. The test was carried out on the paths and roads of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

Here are his findings. Enjoy reading them!

Biemme is a leading Italian brand in the field of technical cycling clothes. Dryarn® fibre is a technological and innovative yarn, lightweight and 100% recyclable, developed to create comfortable, light, insulating and highly breathable sports clothing.

The coming together of these two brands, or rather these two sports technologies, has led to the creation of the Biemme cycling jersey in Dryarn® fibre.

Biemme “Essence of Cycling” is the motto of this company, whose users range from professional cyclists to amateurs who enjoy long rides along the coast, through hills and mountains.

Mountain biking and road cycling provided the test for the Biemme jersey made in Dryarn® fibre. Lightness, breathability and thermoregulation of the body are common needs when practising endurance sports, and obviously also in road and mountain cycling.

The Biemme jersey is ideal for both mountain biking and road cycling, and at whatever altitude you want to reach. Dryarn® yarn, with its characteristics of breathability and thermoregulation, helps you get to the top of a climb and, after a few minutes’ rest in the sun, enables the jersey to absorb and evaporate sweat. The resulting thermoregulatory effect is essential in preventing some of the bugbears of cyclists, namely bronchitis, coughs and infections of the respiratory system – always a risk when climbs and descents involve considerable swings in temperature.

Dryarn® sleeveless vest.

In combination with the Biemme jersey you can also wear a base layer nest to the skin made in 100% Dryarn® fibre. An example is the sleeveless vest used in this test, created using seamless technology and a body mapping structure. Thanks to a triboelectric action this enables dampness to be driven from the warmest side (the skin) to the coldest (Polyester or Nylon mesh), thus wicking sweat from one layer to another and keeping the skin dry.

Wearing a T-shirt in 100% Dryarn® or 50% Dryarn® and 50% Nylon (on the external side) ensures the ideal thermal-physiological conditions for keeping the skin always dry.

La Double socks

La Double socks adapt well to the feet in all specialist footwear, including shoes with rigid soles and cleats, shoes for mountain bikes with “flat” pedals, and mountain shoes for practitioners of hike-a-biking or bike-mountaineering. The fabric of the sock is made of Dryarn® and Nylon, with the ability to carry sweat away from the skin through a combined triboelectric and hydrophilic action.

Characteristics of Dryarn®

If you buy a product made in Dryarn® you’ll have a garment in a fabric that stands up to washing and wear over time and is not prone to pilling – those unsightly little balls of fabric that can irritate the skin.

Dryarn® microfibre is 100% recyclable, coloured at the point of origin using solid additives that avoid the need to dispose of toxic substances produced in the dyeing process.”

by Giancarlo Costa,

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