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by Luca Lorenzini

What does an alpine runner ask of a T-shirt during the summer? First of all that it’s lightweight, very breathable, that it keeps you cool and that it’s able to protect against sudden changes in temperature. All without forgetting comfort, because comfort – when out running for hours in the mountains – is not a factor to be taken lightly.

We’ve found the answer to these needs by testing some garments created using Dryarn microfibre, specifically a vest and a running T-shirt. We used them over several hours, running in the Alps at 1,900 meters above sea level and then during lower-altitude training sessions in temperatures of around 30°C.

The results were truly outstanding. The T-shirt and vest turned out to be very comfortable because they’re soft against the skin, without causing irritation or redness even after hours of intense use. Above all, however, the garments made in Dryarn proved to be  ultra-lightweight and highly breathable – effective therefore in keeping the body dry by expelling excess moisture caused by perspiration. These products feel almost weightless with the sensation of wearing nothing, while nonetheless giving the positive impression of protection from external agents.

Dryarn is the world’s lightest microfibre
It’s a yarn with the ability to enhance the performance of athletes while guaranteeing maximum comfort, with 10km of Dryarn yarn weighing only 1 gram. This fact reveals one of the secrets of this high-performance  material that enables many outdoor brands to produce garments for real champions.
A garment made in Dryarn® can weigh:

  • 32% less than its equivalent in wool;
  • 34% less than its equivalent in polyester;

Dryarn is insulating and breathable
What features does this yarn offer? First of all Dryarn offers better insulation than cotton or wool. It’s also dermatologically tested and therefore ideal for creating base layer garments that stay in continuous contact with the skin for hours. It doesn’t cause irritation and keeps the body warm and dry even during more intense bouts of perspiration. And on these aspects – its thermal and breathable properties –  Dryarn emerges as truly unbeatable. Dryarn® creates a breathable barrier that insulates against incoming factors and wicks perspiration towards the outside. An insulating, protective yet simultaneously breathable barrier that keeps the skin constantly dry and warm in the winter, and dry and cool in the summer.

Dryarn is long-lasting
Buying a garment made in Dryarn is also a long-lasting investment because this yarn stands out for its high resistance to abrasion and splitting; this avoids the unsightly problem of pilling (fuzz balls) that’s so detested by consumers seeking high-quality products.

Dryarn and the environment: a fully sustainable combination. Just remember that we’re talking about a 100% recyclable microfibre, coloured at source with solid additives that avoid the need to dispose of toxic substances produced in the dyeing process.

Dryarn in a nutshell:

  • breathable.
  • insulating
  • quick-drying
  • long-lasting
  • no need to iron
  • washable at low temperatures without harsh detergents
  • 100% recyclable

Look for Dryarn on your clothing labels. Wear it to feel the difference next to your skin. Outdoor brands using Dryarn include: Dynafit, Mico, Salewa, Santini Bike, Skindry, Slam and Sportful.



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