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Vagotex, a leading producer of laminated textiles, has chosen the international showcase of Eurobike (27-30 August, Friedrichshafen) to present to the market the latest developments using Dryarn aimed at the sportswear world.

Since it was launched on the market Dryarn has been an innovation in the textile world: a microfibre containing in itself all the advantages of polypropylene while at the same time being soft, gentle and superfine to the extent of becoming an agreeable second skin to wear. It has the most diverse clothing uses, from underwear to sportswear and fashion: it is the only fibre on the market offering technology and comfort, lightness, practically, stability, thermoregulation and bacteriostaticity.

Vagotex’s R&D laboratory has developes a new technology making Dryarn even more effective in terms of the requirements of the technical textile world and the forthcoming Eurobike trade fair will be the opportunity to present the new second-layer applications of Dryarn: lamination with a Windtex membrane. Innovation which will be presented at the fair with two second-layer biking garments made as inspiration for a new technical use of Dryarn for all sportswear garments.

The first middle-weight jacket has been made by laminating the Windtex membrane with tow textiles made of 100% Dryarn (made by Tessport Spa). The outer one is dense and very light while the inner one hase a honeycomb structure which makes it even easier for sweat to be drawn away from the body. The Windtex membrane, which blocks the wind from outside but allows transpiration from inside, adds further performance to complete the garment.

The second important new development is the use, in conjunction with Dryarn, of the elastomer fibre XLA which breaks down the last limits placed on the material (polypropylene), related to making textiles that are dense but elasticised. The second jacket, designed for winter, has been made using a small internal sponge of Dryarn combined with the elastomer XLA (Tessport textile) which  provides a very pleasant elastic modulus to the textile laminated with the Windtex membrane.

The project coordinated by On Stage Cinzia Venniro has collaborated with Ventura to make a garments and has used transfer printing low-melting technology from DekoGraphics.

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