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Designing a winter sports garment is a challenge all about creating lightness, breathability and comfort. All characteristics that Oxyburn has found in Dryarn®, the lightest microfibre in the world. Using high percentages of naturally breathable Dryarn® enables the garment to wick perspiration to the outside, leaving the skin dry.

HALLER is a T-shirt designed for sports practised in extreme climatic conditions with wide temperature ranges, calling for varying intensities of physical effort. A high-definition knitted structure, varying thicknesses and 2nd level graduated compression give a feeling of total control and excellent reactivity. These elements act on the venous return flow and reduce vibrations, enabling a significant saving of energy, a lower strain on the heart and an increase in physical endurance under stress.

The weave of the T-shirt, using an extra-breathable technology in 95% Dryarn®, accelerates the expulsion of sweat and dissipates heat more rapidly and effectively, keeping the body dry and thermo-regulated. The defining qualities of this garment are its muscular support, its self-adapting fit, its anti-cramp massaging action and its varying anatomical thicknesses which increase protection and muscle warmth. Retail price: 59.90


SKI ADRENALYN is a sock designed to ensure maximum performance for skiers of all disciplines, from carving to downhill to slalom; its medium thickness ensures exceptional thermo-regulation even at extreme temperatures, as well as highly effective impact protection and shock absorption.

Suitable purely for WINTER use, it has been designed incorporating a finely calibrated mix of Dryarn® and Merino wool to provide high comfort to the touch and extreme breathability. Dryarn® is dermatologically tested, and its bacteriostatic properties enable the sock to maintain a high level of hygiene even after many hours of intensive use. The special “bulb” shaped thermal insert in pure Merino wool at the middle of the sole keeps the foot constantly thermo-regulated, even in the coldest climates.

Second-level graduated compression ensures that athletes maintain muscle tone and high performance throughout the skiing session.

Retail price: 26.90


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