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Coming up with advanced innovation in italin textile industry seems less challenging nowadays, even though it of course involves steep investmentsand plenty of experience, the outlook is not quite as bleak as in other industries. An advances sports garment is a complex project that involves a number of areas of expertise. Italy is home to a network of hight-tech textile manufacturers, such as Jersey Lomellina, Eurojersey, Maglificio Ripa, Borgini and others, capable of creating multi-layered fabrics and multiple fibres, and even a series of advanced fibre manufacturers, like Aquafil, Fulgar and the Radici group, wich offers essential support though applied chemistry and nanotechnology. Against this background someone with the extensive experience of Maurizia Botti stands out: product manager for Slam, lecturer at Milan’s Polytechnic as well as the woman in charge of innovation at Genoa’s factory. From the first implementation of Meryl to comply with the need by seafares for a material that could offer protection against the aggressive and carcinogenic ultraviolet rays, to the constant research into high-performance, breathable, bacteriostatic, muscle-compressat garments that can dry five times quicker than cotton, Slam is now looking beyond the sailing world and is applying its technical/sailing know-how to the world of golf and to lifestyle garments. Slam is creating t-shirts and polo shirts in carbon, which help rid the body of static electricity. The Breathable, thermoregulating Missouri Carbon® fabric increases muscle performance and drecrease fatigue. This physiological boost has been verified at respiratory and cardiac levels. The company is also producing thermoregulating windbreaker jackets with conductive fabric and battery, stain-repellent trousers with plasma-treated nano-surfaces. For several Olympic events now already, Salm has been amongst the top five Olympic regattas as supplier for Italy’s national sailing team, and since last year, Salm i official supplier for BMW Oracle at the next Americas’ Cup. this challenge has injected new life into research and into the technological race for high-performance garments. The new Amricas’ Cup race between multihull craft will require new clothing solutions, wich the SLAM’s Research Development team is alreadytesting in regattas worldwide. The preogative has been to supply BMW Oracle Racing Team with innovative and elegant garments that retain fundamental technical elemts such as resistance and lightness. That is why many garments include materials like cordura, which very reistant yet has a very low specific weight, as well as bacteriostatic, thermoregulating, ultralight and resistant Dryarn® polypropylene, such as the “BOR man oilskin”. Next-gen oliskin jackets and trousers, developed to enhance sailing performance. The revolutionary stretch nylon structure makes the fabric modular, ergonomic and strechable up to 360°. For the first time, athletes will be able to perform any  manoeuvre because, thanks to elastan, these oilskins will adapt to any kind of body movement. Oliskins are heat-sealed and then covered with tricot, wich makes them competely waterproof while still promptly eliminating dampness from within.Waterproof, breathable and lighweight. Even the slightest details have been taken into account: the new t-zip zippers are waterlight and resistant to sun, sand and dirt.

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