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23/03/2017  Hi-Technology
Top 5 Running Apps

From Runtastic to Nike + Run Clun via Strava, here’s how technology helps us tracking our workout progresses. Pedometer days are over. Even if it allowed us to ‘transform’ movement […]

15/09/2016  Hi-Technology
Smart Helmet: the future of racing

Technological progress offers ever more leading edge products to increase bikers’ safety and optimise driving experience. Sena’s  Smart Helmet comes from California. It is a smart carbon-fiber helmet that filters out […]

30/06/2016  Hi-Technology
From Instant Replay to UEFA Euro 2016 Goal-line Technology : to eternal struggle against referee errors

Human sight is so sharp and scrupulous that it has become the most used instrument for refereeing sporting competitions. However it can sometimes be mistaken. So referees and scorekeepers have […]

16/06/2016  Hi-Technology
In shape with the Activity Tracker: how to choose the device that works best for your training

The activity tracker, also known as fitness tracker, is a wearable device that, thanks to its integrated sensors, records and keeps track of all the regular activities of the person […]