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A record event  It was record figures for the third CMP Trail, which this year signed up a good 2000 participants, who arrived from 20 different countries, bringing to Bassano some of the most important names on the Italian and international trail scene. .
In fact, over the 2-day event, Villa Angarano and the Bassano hills became the stage of an unprecedented event: 728 young people entered the Youth category; 303 people set off from the 27 mile ‘Long’ start line; 762 runners competed in the 11 mile race; over 70 took part in the 4-mile Nordic Walking race, and a good 135 under-10s signed up for the Mini Trail race.
And if the figures weren’t enough, the event also saw the participation of some of the most elite specialist athletes.
In fact, in the women’s category, 2017 world champion and 2018 bronze mountain running world champion, Silvia Rampazzo (with a time of 4.13.17) climbed to victor’s step of the podium, followed by Daniela Rota (4.40.45) from the Italian National Cycling team and Francesca Canepa (4.47.19), who just a few weeks before entered the Olympus of trail running as the first female Italian athlete to win the UTMB.
In the men’s category, at the end of a very successful race, Davide Cheraz (3.41.36) from Team Salomon came in first ahead of Enzo Romeri from the CMP Trail Team (3.44.32) , followed by French athlete Julien Jorro from Team Garmin (3.53.33). And to reconfirm the quality of the athletes in play, a good 6 runners crossed the finish line in under 4 hours. A performance to be proud of also for the 11-mile run, which saw the triumph of Gabriele Bacchion from Team Tornado ( 1.28.55), who took the lead, closely followed by Giovanni Bosio from G.S. Des Amis (1.32.45) and Jacopo Piazza from Team Tornado (1.33.16), who only 24 hours earlier also won the ‘Youth’ race in the Junior category. Meanwhile, the winners in the women’s category were Melina Clerc, who completed the race in 1 hour 49’ 47”, Giovanna Ricotta from Team Tornado (1.53.46) and Lara Bonora (1.57.40).
Alongside the professional athletes there were also hordes of running enthusiasts, who put themselves to the test in the Bassano race, all the way to the Villa Angarano finish line, where they were assisted by over 200 volunteers who had been working for days to make sure everything ran smoothly, both on and off trail.

But, this year, a special mention has to go to the third, 4-mile Youth race,
held on Saturday afternoon,  where 550 young people took off from the start line under the pouring rain. The prizes: a good 80 scholarships (awarded to the first 10 winners of each category) and 4 special prizes for the schools and sports associations that were able to bring home the highest number of finishers.  Among the sports institutions L’I.C. 2 BELLAVITIS 2.0 came in first, followed by I.C.3 BELLAVITIS (both from Bassano del Grappa),  with I.C. claiming third place. PADRE MARIO POZZA di Lusiana. In light of the significant interest and dedication of the teachers, schools and sports associations, the organising committee decided to increase the school awards from 1 to 3. All this was made possible thanks to the enormous support of local and external sponsors, who contributed to the youth event, making it possible to award 85 monetary prizes for a total of 10.000 Euro.
Whereas, the sports association category saw the triumph of Gruppo Sportivo Marconi di Cassola.
On Sunday, CMP also offered a special prize to the largest running team, which was yet again won by the athletes of the Emme Running Team.
And, as tradition dictates, during the award ceremony they celebrated Marco Olmo’s 70th birthday, a living legend of trail running and special guest and testimonial of CMP.
At 12 o’clock, the customary pasta party began, with a spelt, lentil and quinoa pasta dish fit for an athlete, provided by CMPsport. The catering service was organised by students from ENAIP, in Bassano del Grappa, and the food was prepared by their teachers, who supervised the service, further demonstrating how the event involves a host of realities from across the territory.
We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the 200 plus volunteers, who helped out and assisted more than 2000 runners, and the 36 sponsors who, together with 5 Main (CMP, Dolomia, Dryarn, Masters and Ormesani), helped make the event such a huge success  (AGB, AICS, Atelier Palladio, Brotto Egidio, Brunello Salumi, BSN Group, Caseificio Castellan Urbano, Cavalera, Ceccato Automobili, CMP Sport, Centro Medico Riabilitativo, Costenaro Assicurazioni, DB Group, Distelleria Bortolo Nardini, Emisfero- Unicomm, Fondazione Banca Popolare di Marostica Volksbank, Forno d’Asolo, Fit-All, F.lli Campagnolo, Karizia, Labi, Ledlenser, Noene, Novalfa Group, Pyto Garda, Polar, Prozis, Sete Track, Tessitura Gelmi, Vignaioli Contrà Soarda, Villa Angarano).

The 2018 CMP Trail has finally come to end.  And it did it in style! But CMP are already at work on next year’s event, where there’s only one objective: continue to grow! We look forward to seeing you at CMP Trail Imperia on the 29th of January!


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