Power Carbon, Wind Defence and Warm Merino are three lines developed by Salewa and produced in Dryarn, created to offer maximum comfort to mountain lovers seeking light and functional clothing, able to adapt to the body’s needs under exertion in any environmental conditions, even during frequent and sudden weather changes that are the norm for outdoor activities in the mountains. After its successful debut in the 2010-2011 winter season, Salewa will also be offering these lines in 2011, on sale in quality sports supply shops and in the Salewa mono-brand stores.


The most highly prized property of the collection is the extreme light weight of the garments: Dryarn® is the lightest fibre on the market and Salewa has used it in a base layer line, ALPINEskin, which is thus lighter than traditional high performance underwear and allows greater freedom of movement.

Above all, Dryarn®’s breathability and capacity for thermoregulation were the key characteristics underpinning the design and production of the Alpineskin line, particularly appreciated by mountain climbers, hikers and lovers of the outdoors in general.

Dryarn®’s ability not to absorb perspiration but, thanks to its capillary action, to collect moisture from the skin and transfer it along the fibre to release it on the outside of the garment where it can evaporate, has enabled Salewa to create garments that can control two fundamental aspects in the practice of sporting activities, i.e. temperature control and perspiration control, each closely interrelated.


SALEWA has reinterpreted the body mapping principle (the right fabric in the right place) in a highly original way, not only selecting a mix of materials of different thicknesses and structures but also by using, on a strong Dryarn® base, complementary fibres (carbon, windbreak membrane, wool), together reaching the objective of realising an optimally functional line of high performance underwear.


These are the three lines in detail:



POWER CARBON: The carbon fibre supports the muscles offering incomparable comfort during the practice of mountain sports

Mountain sports require energy and prolonged resistance in addition to the use of new technologies. The characteristics of carbon fibres, such as their lightness, resistance and stability, are not only useful for Formula 1 racing cars but also provide perfect muscular support for all sports practitioners, increasing their energy potential and endurance.

Benefits of Dryarn® in combination with POWER CARBON:

– reduces heart rate by 4 beats a minute

– reduces lactic acid concentration by 7 to 10%

– optimises perspiration output to 3 litres a minute

The 3D Heavy Duty layer of the undershirts in the Power Carbon collection supports the shoulders and lower back of wearers while the fabric’s three-dimensional structure creates a cushion between the backpack and the skin, increasing comfort even on long mountain routes. The Air Zone facilitates air circulation, transferring perspiration and moisture to the outside of the garment where they can rapidly evaporate. This ensures an optimum body temperature is maintained, even under extreme climate conditions.

The collection consists in a women’s line and a men’s line, including short- and long-sleeved undershirts, sleeveless T-shirts, ankle-length long johns, 3/4 length long johns, men’s shorts and boxer shorts and women’s pants.


WIND DEFENCE: for optimum wind protection combined with breathability

Apart from the Dryarn® layer in contact with the skin, the fronts of the undershirts in this line have another external layer, once again in polypropilene Dryarn®, with a high performance membrane that is also light and comfortable to wear. The result is a series of layers that guarantee protection from the wind, comfort, lightness and easy evacuation of perspiration.

The collection consists in one women’s line and one men’s line, including long-sleeved undershirts, ankle-length long johns and 3/4 length long johns.


WARM MERINO: enriched with Merino wool fibres for optimum comfort under extremely cold conditions

This is a new structure where the whole body of the undershirt, in addition to having a Dryarn® layer in contact with the skin, has a further external structure in Merino wool on the front while the back area is again made in Dryarn® to guarantee maximum breathability.

The new ALPINEskin structure enhances the sensation of comfort in contact with the skin, allowing efficient air circulation. Combined with the second insulating layer in MERINO wool, a thermodynamic air cushion is created, optimising the preservation and distribution of body heat.

Its unique double-layer structure combines the exceptional thermoregulatory features of natural Merino wool with the high performance characteristics of the ALPINEskin fabric in Dryarn®, brought together in a single product for enhanced comfort also under the most extreme weather conditions. The collection consists in one women’s line and one men’s line that includes long-sleeved undershirts and ankle-length long johns.






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