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Once again, Outwet has selected Dryarn for its three underwear collections, Basic, Protego e Heartbeat, combining fashion, technical performance and quality of materials to offer sports practitioners the ultimate in wellbeing, comfort and practically. A technical garment has to guarantee the sports person both quality and perfomance and the OUTWET technology, combined with a high percentage of Dryarn, manages to enhance the fibre’s heat regulating and bacteriostatic capacities and its ease of care, expressing its characteristics to their maximum without compromise. In particular, the fibre’s capacity to evacuate perspiration rapidly towards the outside of the garment, leaving the skin dry at all times, is an important advantage for practitioners of outdoor sports whose bodies are subjected to considerable temperature changes. Most fibres block the body’s normal perspiration or permit it only partially or for a limited time. Dryarn® , on the other hand, guarantees an extremely high level of perfomance. In the presence of extreme physical effort, Dryarn® is not only able to manage liquid perspiration but also allows its evacuation, regulating this according to variations in the intensity of perspiration. Dryarn® allows perspiration to escape rapidly and effectively, enablign the body, once it has stopped perspiring, to maintain an ideal microclimate for the skin, avoiding that unpleasant cold sensation of perspiration cooling on the skin. Another major advantage of Dryarn is its anti-allergenic properties, ensuring that wearers of OUTWET garments are not disturbed, during their physical efforts, by itching or irritation, particularly in the case of people with sensitive skins made even more sensitive under the stress of perspiration and intense physical effort. Dryarn, a dermatologically tested fibre, keeps the skin dry and, since it is dyed at the yarn stage, it does not release the substances usually used in fabric dying and that can irritate the skin, sometimes cusing allergic reactions in the more sensitive. OUTWET PROTEGO ACTIVE is a special treatment able to confer on underwear some surprising characteristics that make the garment a true dispenser of energy. Based on the nanaotechnology of basket molecules, thanks to PROTEGO ACTIVE, the garments are made highly functional by the indissoluble application of a nano-particle able to trap substances within it, releasing them at predetermined times. They can be “recharged” simply by soaking the garments in a solution of “salts” that are provided in the recharge kit. The combination of active substances and the special finish guarantee a constant saline reintegration and improved heat regulation of the body, resulting in an optimun performance product. OUTWET HEARTBEAT these are vests made exclusively of tubular structure OUTWET fabric using DRYARN fibres, with integrated electrodes for the transmission of pulse rate and allowing the use of a cardio frequendy meter for those who do not wear one because of the discomfort of the belt. Thanks to their great elasticity and flat seams, the vest maintains a maximum adherence to the body, its structure facilitating the evacuation of body moisture towards the outside, leaving the body fresh and dry both during and after use. OUTWET CARBON Outwet’s most recent creation is the carbon line that, thanks to the insertion of a carbon thread, enhances the performance of the finished garment. This characteristic is perfect for Dryarn, resulting in a garment that is ideal for all sports, even those requiring prolonged effort under climate conditions with high temperatures, enabling excellent results to be obtained in the sports arena, for professionals and amateurs alike. The use of the carbon obviates the problem of static electricity, cramps, and fatigue, improving blood circulation and the relative introduction of oxygen into the cells. Respiratory parameters improve because of the reduced need for oxygen (around three litres a minute). Heart rate is slower. The OUTWET collection is also rich in ACCESSORIES realised with high percentages of Dryarn: The OW-HEADBAND, combining maximum comfort with efficient protection against the cold. The OW-THERMAL, ideal for protecting the neck and lower face against wind and cold. The OW-BONNET CAP, worn as a fine, lightweight cap under a sports helmet, it captures perspiration, evacuating it towards the outside, and dries rapidly. The OW-KNEE SOCK improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of lactic acid thanks to its graduated compression.

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