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We asked Giancarlo Costa, from, to test a number of garments made in Dryarn® during training.

Here are his findings: we hope you enjoy reading them!

Dryarn® fibre is a technological and innovative yarn, lightweight and 100% recyclable, developed to create comfortable, light, insulating and highly breathable sports clothing.
But the best way to spread the word about this product has been to wear it and use it in the sport I practice myself and cover as a journalist: mountain running, with its derivatives Skyrunning and Trailrunning.

The Dryarn® T-shirt and the vest are both soft, lightweight garments that give you a great feeling of comfort while you’re wearing them. They wrap the body, but without the compression effect of specialist garments. Once get moving their breathability becomes clear because sweat, which has a thermo-regulation effect on the body, is wicked to the outside and the fabric stays dry through being in contact with the air during forward movement. Obviously during the hot summer months the T-shirt is suitable for mountain running at high altitudes, while the vest can also be used for running in city parks.
Both the T-shirt and the vest can also be worn as base layers during the winter months for ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing, road cycling and mountain biking: in short, they’re true all-year-round garments.

La Double socks

Socks are far from being a secondary garment or a marginal accessory. Socks “dress” the feet, which are our point of contact with the ground on which we walk and run. The feet are the part of our body that enables us to run, rather like the wheels of a Formula 1 or Rally car.
Even after several hours’ use La Double socks protect the feet from blisters and prevent them from “turning” inside the shoes when going downhill and – above all – when traversing mountain paths.
Runners put their feet under considerable stress. La Double socks in Dryarn® allow the feet to breathe, maintaining a feeling of well-being even during physical and muscular strain, while also improving sports performance.

Characteristics of Dryarn® fibre

If you buy a product made in Dryarn® you’ll have a garment in a fabric that stands up to washing and wear over time and is not prone to pilling – those unsightly little balls of fabric that can irritate the skin.
Dryarn® microfibre is 100% recyclable, long-lasting, quick-drying, doesn’t need washing at high temperatures and doesn’t need ironing.”


by Giancarlo Costa,

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