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The night sky in August, as everybody knows, is always a breathtaking spectacle.

Alongside the constellations that are also on display at other times of the year, August is famous for its beautiful shooting stars. And not just on the “night of San Lorenzo” (10th August). The last weekend of the summer month par excellence promises yet more amazing sights, with the Aurigid meteors treating us to another shower of shooting stars.

To observe this astronomical spectacle at its best, and for a “close-up” view of the heavens in general, the best thing is to leave the city and all illuminated areas behind and to completely immerse yourself in the darkness and silence of nature.

So here is a list of places in Italy that are perfect for studying the starry sky, and maybe even camping out for a few days!

Monte Argentera 

One of Italy’s most beautiful locations for watching the stars.  From the plateaus and lakes of Monte Argentera, situated in the Maritime Alps in the province of Cuneo, you can enjoy a clear and breathtaking view of the Milky Way.

Sibillini Mountains

An evocative mountain range that’s ideal for admiring the night sky. Rather than making the night-time ascent to Monte Porche or Cima del Redentore (which can be challenging), it’s better to head for the various clearings immersed in the silence of nature that open up along the road from Norcia to Castelluccio.

Island of Capraia

Largely a natural park, this Tuscan island is one of the most tranquil locations for gazing at the stars, far-removed from the noise and lights of the city. Light pollution here is almost non-existent, providing the ideal conditions to spend an evening illuminated only by the light of the stars.

Zegna Oasis

A natural area in the province of Biella offering dreamlike views of starry skies also in the winter, after a day on the ski slopes.


A beautiful setting for gazing at the Milky Way in the province of Pordenone. The name means “meagre land”, due to its stony terrain and sparse vegetation.

Val d’Ega

This splendid setting in the Dolomites provides a backdrop to the wonderful starry sky: a double spectacle of nature! It is also home to the Alto Adige Planetarium, offering a 360-degree astronomical experience.


The Madonie Astronomical Park at Isnello (PA), set against the evocative Monte Mufara, is one of the most famous centres within Italy and also internationally. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and telescopes that allow you to observe both extrasolar planets and objects close to the Earth.

Weather permitting, you really don’t need much: a tent, a blanket and your eyes, gazing upwards to enjoy one of nature’s most evocative open-air spectacles!


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