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If you’ve always thought that delivery rhymes with junk food …get ready to change your mind. With technology shrinking distances and making everything simpler – just a click away – there’s a rapidly rising demand for healthy food for delivery at home (or the office).

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free recipes and menus, steam-cooked foods and lots of other healthy variants are all the rage when ordering food to eat at home and are matched by the growing number of restaurants now entering the food delivery business and ensuring that these healthy eating needs are met!

Centrifuged foods, fruit and vegetable-based dishes, pulses, white meats and fish have seen 120% growth nationwide for Just Eat compared to last year. Data from Deliveroo, one of the most important players in this country, also confirm that delivery is perceived more and more as a chance not just to eat something mouth-watering, tempting or not normally prepared in the home kitchen, but also to enjoy tasty and healthy dishes while keeping an eye on the principles of proper healthy eating.

Apps are multiplying in number and many services are being offered, both in large urban centres and small provincial towns: Foodora, Foorban, Glovo, Bacchette Forchette… they all have their own delivery service. Big names that have recently arrived here include Uber Eats, already trading in Milan and Naples.

One of the all-Italian newcomers to keep an eye on is Feat Food: healthy, perfectly balanced dishes made only with high-quality, wholesome ingredients, freshly prepared and delivered straight to your door. Something that particularly interests those looking to follow a controlled and balanced diet. “We’ve been able to able to achieve our aim of delivering all over Italy within 24 hours of purchase with GET FEAT, which we’ve been working on for over a year – says Andrea Lippolis, founder of Feat Food -. Staying true to our philosophy, from today we’re offering a large selection of meals on our website, all prepared in our kitchens and with a fairly long shelf life (15 days) that enables us to ship and deliver the food still fresh throughout Italy, ready to be eaten immediately or frozen. All raw materials are selected with care and attention, our fruit and vegetables are always fresh and our cooking methods – healthy and light – are intended to maintain the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the food (low-temperature sous-vide cooking, steaming, grilling). Customers can choose from different packages (8, 16 or 20 meals) and receive our box at home within 48 hours with the ability to personalise it, selecting from 35 meals and 5 snacks and desserts on the menu each week”.

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